Ring Lock System Scaffold Ledger / Horizontals

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min. Order: 15 Bag/Bags
Delivery Time: 20 Days

Basic Info

Material: Steel

Structural Style: Multi-Pole Scaffolding

Framework: Combined Scaffolding

Additional Info

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Port: Any Port in China

Product Description

Speed of Erection:  Ring Lock System provides major savings in erection and dismantling time thus minimizing on-site costs. When not in use, its modular construction ensures minimal space requirement for storage.
Simplicity: The unique Ring Lock rosette allows up to 4 horizontals and 4 braces to be secured to a single rosette at one level by simply hammering the captive wedge lock pin into place.
Versatility: Ring Lock System is extremely versatile. It can be erected for straight, curved  or circular configuration for both access and support, and also for independent and mobile towers.
Strength: Both vertical and horizontal members are manufactured from ø48.3x3.25mm (1.90" O.D x 10 gauge) high strength steel tubing.
Finishing options: Hot dip galv, electric galv, painting. 

Ring Lock System Scaffold Ledger / Horizontals
Model Description Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
AR.L.3050 Ring Lock Ledger 3050mm (10') 11.66 kg/pcs 25.74 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2745 Ring Lock Ledger 2745mm (9') 10.57 kg/pcs 26.74 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2440 Ring Lock Ledger 2440mm (8') 9.47 kg/pcs 20.88 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2130 Ring Lock Ledger 2130mm (7') 8.36 kg/pcs 18.43 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1830 Ring Lock Ledger 1830mm (6') 7.28 kg/pcs 16.06 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1520 Ring Lock Ledger 1520mm (5') 6.17 kg/pcs 13.61 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1220 Ring Lock Ledger 1220mm (4') 5.10 kg/pcs 11.24 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1150 Ring Lock Ledger 1150mm (3'10") 4.84 kg/pcs 10.68 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1065 Ring Lock Ledger 1065mm (3'6") 4.54 kg/pcs 10.01 lbs/pcs
AR.L.910 Ring Lock Ledger 910mm (3') 3.98 kg/pcs 8.78 lbs/pcs
AR.L.650 Ring Lock Ledger 650mm (2'2") 3.05 kg/pcs 6.73 lbs/pcs
AR.L.610 Ring Lock Ledger 610mm (2') 2.91 kg/pcs 6.41 lbs/pcs

AR.L.3072 Ring Lock Ledger 3072mm 11.74 kg/pcs 25.89 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2572 Ring Lock Ledger 2572mm 9.94 kg/pcs 21.92 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2072 Ring Lock Ledger 2072mm 8.15 kg/pcs 17.97 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1572 Ring Lock Ledger 1572mm 6.36 kg/pcs 14.02 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1400 Ring Lock Ledger 1400mm 5.74 kg/pcs 12.66 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1286 Ring Lock Ledger 1286mm 5.33 kg/pcs 11.75 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1088 Ring Lock Ledger 1088mm 4.62 kg/pcs 10.19 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1036 Ring Lock Ledger 1036mm 4.44 kg/pcs 9.79 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1020 Ring Lock Ledger 1020mm 4.38 kg/pcs 9.66 lbs/pcs
AR.L.880 Ring Lock Ledger 880mm 3.88 kg/pcs 8.56 lbs/pcs
AR.L.732 Ring Lock Ledger 732mm 3.35 kg/pcs 7.39 lbs/pcs

AR.L.3000 Ring Lock Ledger 3000mm 11.48 kg/pcs 25.31 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2500 Ring Lock Ledger 2500mm 9.69 kg/pcs 21.37 lbs/pcs
AR.L.2000 Ring Lock Ledger 2000mm 7.89 kg/pcs 17.40 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1500 Ring Lock Ledger 1500mm 6.10 kg/pcs 13.45 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1000 Ring Lock Ledger 1000mm 4.31 kg/pcs 9.50 lbs/pcs

AR.L.2400 Ring Lock Ledger 2400mm 9.33 kg/pcs 20.57 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1800 Ring Lock Ledger 1800mm 7.18 kg/pcs 15.83 lbs/pcs
AR.L.1200 Ring Lock Ledger 1200mm 5.02 kg/pcs 11.07 lbs/pcs
AR.L.900 Ring Lock Ledger 900mm 3.95 kg/pcs 8.71 lbs/pcs
AR.L.600 Ring Lock Ledger 600mm 2.87 kg/pcs 6.33 lbs/pcs

Horizontals Ringlock Scaffolding

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